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Lunch and dinner

Two healthy meals delivered right to your door or office!

от 15 €/day

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Weight loss

Our weight loss programs will help you see results in the shortest possible time.

от 25 €/day

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Balanced diet

Everything you need for the body, in perfect proportion

от 20 €/day

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Weight gain

Achieve results with one of our sports nutrition programs.

от 32 €/day

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Without meat? No problem!
Our vegetarian nutrition programs are not inferior in taste and variety to our standard plans.

от 22 €/day

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Project Benefits

Time saving

You do not waste time on shopping and cooking. Greenmeal does it for you so that you can spend this time on yourself and your loved ones.

Designed and proven nutrition programs

To achieve the result requires discipline and stability. It’s always not always easy for yourself to make a balanced diet, so trust our team of professionals and the result will not take long.

It is not only useful, but also tasty and not expensive.

Healthy food is often associated with something unappetizing and unappealing. Greenmeal is ready to dispel this myth, while the price of one day program is not more expensive than the usual trip to a restaurant.

How it works

Choose a diet

Choose a nutritional program or consult with us and we will select the most suitable diet for you.

Place an order

Place your order by phone or on our website, choosing the required duration.


Every day, get a set of meals at your convenience and time.

Pay for the order

Make a cash payment when you receive the first set

Free shipping

We currently ship to the following cities and districts: Estepona, San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella, Calahonda, Mijas, Fuengirola and Nueva Andalusia.

Why us?

Our team

The Greenmeal team is professionals who are directly related to fitness, healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.
Our mission is to contribute to the achievement of results by our customers.
The presence in our team of an experienced nutritionist and chefs specializing in healthy eating will ensure that our clients achieve any goals they have.


Our programs are designed in such a way that, regardless of the caloric content, all the necessary batteries for a person are present in them, and the transition to them is comfortable for the client.

Variety and taste

Our menu contains more than 150 dishes, which allows us to eat tasty and varied every day.
At the same time, absolutely all dishes are cooked without butter and harmful sugars, contain a variety of sauces without the use of fats, and also completely reveal the whole range of their tastes from the filing of the professional hand of our cooks.

Freshness and quality

All products undergo strict quality control by our purchaser and chef, they are prepared immediately before shipment and do not contain any preservatives, therefore the shelf life of the finished product is 24 hours and requires daily delivery.
This allows you to always have fresh food in your diet.